Jolly Phonics Pupil Books

Not all schools around the world have the same equipment and resources. This has led to three types of materials being developed for the first year of teaching Jolly Phonics. ‘The Phonics Handbook’ was the first type, with worksheets that can be reproduced. The second type of materials was developed for teachers who wish their children to work in pupil books rather than on worksheets. The teaching is the same. Here you can see that there are three pupil books. The first one covers the teaching of the 42 letter sounds (demonstrated).


Pupil Book 2 progresses to teaching the alternative spellings, formation of capital letters, word dictation, more tricky words and independent writing. Pupil Book 3 is similar. It covers the next alternative spellings, more tricky words, independent writing and also comprehension (examples shown in both books).


The Teacher’s Book is really useful because it provides detailed guidance for teachers in the yellow section and notes for each lesson in the other sections (some details provided of lesson notes for the three pupil books). There is also a black and white version available. The Teacher’s Book has the guidance and there are two pupil books. As you can see it is very similar to the coloured version (demonstrated).