Grammar Workbooks

The Grammar Workbooks support the teaching of the Jolly Phonics Grammar Programme. They are full of activities that practise the essential skills. They follow on from the Jolly Phonics Workbooks.


There are six workbooks for each year. Gradually there will be workbooks for all six years of the programme. These books are suitable for use at home or at school. If the workbooks are not being used at school, parents might like to use them with their children to reinforce what is being taught in school.


Here we can see a checklist, which can be ticked off when a child has mastered the skills taught in this workbook. It starts with letter sound revision, revisiting the digraphs, capital letters, initial consonant blends, learning about sentences. As you can see, it follows the lessons that are being taught in school.


There are a few extra exercises, such as writing words that use the focus digraphs, reading and drawing, more sentence work, capital letters and now the beginning of the parts of speech, namely Proper Nouns and then Common Nouns. The workbook finishes with a revision of the first twelve tricky words. Guidance about the teaching is provided at the end (workbook shown). As with all learning once it has been understood and mastered it becomes easy.