Grammar Pupil Books and Grammar Teacher’s Book

The teaching in the Grammar Pupil Books is the same as in the Grammar Handbooks. It is a question of whether teachers prefer reproducing the activity sheets for the children or providing pupil books for each child.


Here are the pupil books. For each Pupil Book there is a Teacher’s Book. This Grammar 1 Pupil Book covers two lessons a week for a year, a spelling lesson and a grammar lesson. The children fill in their details on the first page. Then the first lesson is a revision of the <sh> spelling of the /sh/ sound, with space for the dictation of words and sentences, which is the same as in the ‘Grammar 1 Handbook’. The grammar lesson is about forming capital letters correctly, which is needed for writing sentences. In fact the first group of grammar lessons are all about what constitutes a simple sentence. At this early stage the children learn that it has a capital letter at the beginning, a full stop at the end and makes sense. Then the children learn about Proper Nouns, which is the start of gradually learning about the parts of speech. At the end there is space for each spelling test.


The Grammar 1 Teacher’s book follows a similar format to the Phonics Teacher’s Book, with a contents page, Introduction, Teaching Ideas for Grammar and Teaching Ideas for Spelling, which are then followed by the lesson plans. This picture is of the page in the pupil books and the lesson covers the spelling test, revision of letter sounds and tricky words, the focus letter sound of the week, the new spelling list, information about what the children are expected to do in their pupil books and the words and sentences needed for dictation. For the grammar lesson the lesson notes consist of the aim, an introduction, the main point, the activity page, an extension activity for the children who quickly finish their work and lastly a rounding off session.

Plenty of guidance is provided throughout the whole year (teacher and pupil books demonstrated).