Jolly Phonics Tricky Word Wall Flowers

Tricky words are frequently used words that either use alternative spellings that have not been taught yet or they are irregular. They can be blended but give the wrong pronunciation. The children have to learn the correct pronunciation and the unusual letter-sound correspondences.


The Tricky Word Wall Flowers and Tricky Hat were developed to help the children learn these words. As the tricky words are taught the flowers can go on the classroom wall and become a wall display. Then regularly the teacher can point to them and ask the children to call out the words. The flowers can also act as a reminder of how to spell them when the children want to use them in their writing.


The tricky words on the flowers can also be stuck on to the tricky-word hat. It is another way of drawing the children’s attention to these words. Young children are always keen to be the one chosen to wear the tricky-word hat!