Providing teachers and parents with an understanding of synthetic phonics

the reasons why some children find learning to read difficult and what can be done about it

About me

About Sue Lloyd

I am Sue Lloyd, co-author of Jolly Phonics, and a retired teacher with many years’ experience of teaching children to read and write.

The aim of this free, easy-to-access, non-profit-making website, is to provide teachers, parents and interested adults with an understanding of synthetic phonics: how to teach it, the reasons why some children find learning to read and write difficult and what can be done about it. I hope you find it interesting and very useful.

Thank you.

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Start with the ‘Overview Video’

Go to Videos in the navigation (at the top), select ‘Teaching children to read and write’ and click on Overview Part 1.
It will become clear that teaching the mechanics of reading and writing does not have to be nearly as difficult as many people believe.


Teaching children to read and write

The skills and details needed for learning essential phonic knowledge


Helping with reading and writing problems

The causes, how to identify, prevent and help with reading and writing problems

Methods of teaching reading

Phonic knowledge

Understanding the alphabetic code, vowels and what is a decodable reader?

Historical influences on the English alphabetic code

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