Jolly Songs

Young children love singing songs. They are great fun and can also be used for learning skills and reinforcing knowledge. We know the letter sounds needs plenty of revision, so two sets of songs were developed for the Jolly Phonics programme and were both written by Canadian teachers.


Here we have the Jolly Songs. There is a song for each of the 42 letter sounds. They use well-known tunes, simple language, with plenty of repetition. The sound is repeated several times. This makes them particularly suitable for young children and for children learning English as a foreign language. There is a CD with English children singing the songs. Here are the first two songs (songs played). Several more songs can be heard on the Jolly Learning website The Jolly Songs are popular at school, as well as at home. At the end there is a song about the vowels as well as some games and activities that will help the children develop the auditory skills needed for blending and segmenting. There is also a pronunciation guide for anyone who is not sure how the English sounds are pronounced.


The other songs are called Jolly Jingles. As you can see the language is more interesting but also more complicated, which makes them more suitable for slightly older children. The children can see the words on the big page and could look out for the words that have the focus letter sound in them. At the appropriate time they could also be encouraged to blend the words that have the letter sounds that have been taught. This is the first song. It is sung by Canadian children (song played). At the end there is a song about ‘Magic e’ words.