My first letter sounds

To be a good reader your child will need to know all the letter sounds of English, not just the sounds of the alphabet letters. When we teach children the alphabet they learn the letter names, but it is the letter sounds that we use for reading and writing.


This book, ‘My First Letter Sounds’ provides children with a lovely introduction to those letter sounds. It is available in pre-cursive and print letters. It is suitable for young children, even as young as two years old.


There are several ways in which the book can be used. For example, just looking initially at the pictures and chatting about them is interesting for very young children. It helps them learn new words and improves their spoken language. Then you could point to a letter and say its sound, ‘This letter has a /s/ sound’.


Encourage your child to form the letter with his or her finger and say the sound. Perhaps ask, ‘Can you hear a /s/ at the beginning of ‘sun’? That’s right – here you can see the /s/ letter, it is at the beginning of the word.


Later you might like to call out all the sounds in the word.  Listen, /s-u-n/ is ‘sun’.’ You could follow this by asking your child to listen and point to the correct picture, such as ‘Which one is the /t-e-n-t/?’ This auditory blending is a useful activity for preparing children for the next stage of learning to read, which is blending words. Initially say the sounds and give the answer. Then when your child is ready let them try by themselves. It should just be a bit of fun for the youngsters.