Materials for parents

There have been several types of Jolly Phonics materials developed for use at home, whether the plan is for parents or guardians to teach their children to read and write at home or prepare them for school, as well as support them once they are at school. On the whole most parents prefer the second option.


The overall aim of this website is to explain how to teach reading and writing, using synthetic phonics, how to recognise any difficulties starting to develop in a child and what to do to prevent them becoming serious problems. Some problems can be avoided by doing activities at home that develop a good foundation for learning to read and write. That is the intention of the following materials. By making the materials colourful, interesting and multi-sensory, the hope is that the children will have fun while incidentally developing the essential skills.


There are 6 types of materials made available in this attractive little case, which a child can personalise with a picture and carry around by the handle. Inside Snake’s mouth there is a pencil, an eraser and some colouring pencils.

All the 6 products in the case can be ordered individually, if that is the preferred option.

We know that young children love having stories read to them. This book has seven stories about Inky Mouse and her friends. It also introduces the 42 letter sounds, as well as activities that help prepare a child for reading and writing. There is a poster with all 42 letter sounds on it that could be stuck on a bedroom door or wall, as a reminder of the letter sounds. The Jolly Songs are fun, too. There is a song for each letter sound. This DVD has stories about Inky Mouse teaching her friends Snake and Bee to read and write and there is a Games CD, which has many fun activities that practice the main skills. Lastly there is this set of 7 activity books.