Identifying Children at Risk of Developing Reading and Writing Problems

Date: 16/4/2018
Author: Sue
Decoding and comprehension are both essential skills for reading. Nearly all difficulties, initially, are linked to decoding problems; that is fluently getting the words off the page. It makes sense to address this early on.....

Why Are Digraphs a Problem?

Date: 10/4/2018
Author: Sue
The English alphabetic code is complex. One of the reasons for this complexity is that the English language has 44 sounds but only 26 letters to represent those sounds. That means that two letters are needed for some of the sounds. These are digraphs. ...

What Are Decodable Readers?

Date: 20/3/2018
Author: Sue
Reading is a complex skill, which requires structured teaching. Decodable readers provide that structure, as well as helping to ensure that all children are successfully taught to read. So what are decodable readers? ....
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